Thursday, April 17, 2014

I set up a survey for some of my classmates to take so I could get an idea of what activities they enjoyed in the past, what activities they would want to do that weren't done before, and what, overall they wanted to change about the gym class. I got a lot of great ideas and I’ve written a list of activities that I think the students will enjoy. All I need to do now is talk with the teachers about it and then put it into action.

Monday, March 24, 2014

I have decided it might be a good idea to do a one week “trial run” of my plan.  I want to map out the activities in the plan and survey the students of my school team to find out what activities in the past they enjoyed most and what activities they would want in the future. From there I can set up a week schedule and talk to the principal and/or the P.E teachers so they can give it the “Ok”.  I can also talk to trainers at my gym to find exercises suitable for beginners but will still push them physically.  

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throughout the rest of the year, for my 20% Time project I will be trying to design a newer/ better gym program for my middle school. With childhood obesity being such a big problem in America, physical fitness is of extreme importance. I came across this idea because I have been going to the gym for a while now and have learned many exercises that would be great for middle school gym class. Not only are they effective but they don’t require equipment so they would be free. I am hoping that this project goes well, and I hope that I am able to encourage at least some of the students at my school to make a lifestyle change for the better.